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The summer Scuba diving trip

Topic: The summer Scuba diving trip

This is a short story with basic words for beginners learning English and children. Watch the video to listen to the sentences, with audio and visuals, which will make it easier for you.

Short Story

” I’m planning for a summer scuba diving trip, which is my favorite hobby. I love diving under the sea, watching fish, coral reefs, and the amazing scenery underwater.

Before diving, I always practice breathing exercises. During the dive, there will be a guide to ensure safety. Safety is crucial, so I’ll make sure to follow all the diving rules and guidelines. I wear a diving suit, snorkel, goggles, and fins. This equipment helps me dive comfortably and see everything.

I’m excited to explore the underwater world, taking in the beauty of marine life. It’s like entering a whole new world under the sea. I can’t wait for the adventure to begin! “


Vocabulary & image

Vocabulary Image
Scuba diving noun US  /ˈskuː.bə ˌdaɪ.vɪŋ/

UK  /ˈskuː.bə ˌdaɪ.vɪŋ/

Scuba diving
Coral reef noun US  /ˌkɔːr.əl ˈriːf/

UK  /ˌkɒr.əl ˈriːf/

A coral reef
Diving suit noun US  /ˈdaɪ.vɪŋ  suːt/

UK  /ˈdaɪ.vɪŋ sjuːt/ 

Diving suit
Snorkel noun  US  /ˈsnɔːr.kəl/

UK  /ˈsnɔː.kəl/

Goggles noun US  /ˈɡɑː.ɡəlz/

UK  /ˈɡɒɡ.əlz/ 


Fin noun US, UK  /fɪn/



Vocabulary & Expressions

Scuba diving (n): the sport of swimming underwater with special breathing equipment.

Scuba diving

Coral reef (n): A coral reef is a natural structure formed by coral species and other marine organisms, creating a diverse and vibrant underwater ecosystem.

A coral reef

Diving suit (n): A diving suit is a specialized garment worn by divers to provide thermal insulation, protection from underwater hazards, and buoyancy control while diving underwater.

Diving suit

Snorkel (n): A snorkel is a simple tube-like device used by swimmers and divers to breathe while floating face-down on the surface of the water, allowing them to observe underwater life without the need to come up for air.



Goggles (n): Goggles are a type of protective eyewear typically used in activities such as swimming, diving, and skiing to protect the eyes from water, debris, and other hazards. They typically consist of a frame with lenses and an adjustable strap to secure them to the head.


Fins (n): are blade-like devices worn on the feet of swimmers, snorkelers, and divers to aid in propulsion through the water. They increase the surface area of the feet, allowing for more efficient movement and greater speed while swimming.


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